Tuesday, July 31, 2012

wevideo - Video Editing in the Cloud

Here's a useful application for simple video editing - wevideo.com. wevideo is an online platform for collaborative video editing in the cloud.  (What's "the cloud"? Click this link to learn more.)
There are a couple of advantages to this.  First since weideo runs in a web browser you can work almost anywhere with computer access to the Internet.  WeVideo supports HD and camera files can be uploaded from the field directly to your account - ready to edit.

And because it's a cloud-based system cloud computing system there's a significant workload shift. Your local computer no longer has to do all the heavy lifting to support the editing application.  Finally WeVideo makes collaboration very easy.  One can choose to share access to a project with other users,  allowing you to collaborate across time zones or across town.  Wevideo was also created with sharing in mind, so sending finished videos to popular social media sites is simple

That said, it isn't a perfect solution yet.  The editing tools are fairly simple and lack some functionality but I expect those issues will be resolved as the application is upgraded. 

So who is this for?  I'd recommend it for teachers who want to introduce students to video editing.  Video bloggers could also benefit from the service and I'd also recommend it to the casual home user for vacation videos or family stuff.  I can also see it being a very useful tool to share footage and create rough-cuts from remote locations with your collaborators in other locales.



Anonymous said...

Free 15 Minutes Export of 360p Video with watermark per Month or pay 2.99$ per ???
And look at the Terms of Use!!

"You further grant to WeVideo a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, transferrable license to reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, make, have made, offer for sale, sell or otherwise use any WeVideo video exported from WeVideo ..."

Make Better Media said...

Not sure where you found the Terms of Use that you're quoting here. Here's what I found:

"you hereby grant to WeVideo a limited license to reproduce, modify, display, perform, distribute, and otherwise use your User Content solely in connection with the Site and Services. This license is non-exclusive, meaning you may use the User Content for your own purposes or let others use your User Content for their purposes. This license is fully-paid and royalty free, meaning WeVideo does not owe you anything else in connection with its use of your User Content. WeVideo may exercise its rights anywhere in the world. Finally, this license is perpetual, meaning that the license lasts for an indefinite period of time. For clarity, this license is necessary so that WeVideo can host your User Content, and so that you can create WeVideo videos from your other User Content, on or through the Site or Services. WeVideo will not use your User Content for any other purpose without your consent."


As far as pricing goes, one has to judge whether it's worth it or not but I don't think the price is outrageous. For teachers who want to introduce students to basic NLE concepts, it's cheaper than outfitting a computer lab with the latest NLE software.

Unknown said...

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