Thursday, June 25, 2009

Learn To Edit

There are countless articles and tutorials on using video editing software. However, most don't address why cuts are made or how editing establishes pace and contributes to the structure of a story.

Here's a book by Ken Dancyger, The Technique of Film and Video Editing: History, Theory & Practice from Focal Press.

preview is available on Google Books

Here's a short excerpt on editing for comedy:

"In terms of editing, the key is enough screen time to allow the performance to convince us of the credibility of the situation. The emphasis throughout the scene is on the character's reaction to the situation, allowing us to follow through the logic of the scene. In every case, editing is subordinate to setting and performance. Pace is not used for dramatic purposes. Here, too, performance is the key to pacing."

This short excerpt from Chaplin's Modern Times illustrates the point:

The book is full of useful information so c
heck it out.

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Anonymous said...

Love the recording. Ken Dancyger was interviewed on a podcast a few months back for the Art of the guillotine...

I believe the site's address is:

Check it out! They talk about this book.