Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adobe Garbage

Today I had the unfortunate experience of attempting to reinstall Adobe's DV Rack HD on an Windows XP machine. For some reason the application, which ran perfectly well for over two years, now refused to run. Although the software had been correctly installed and authorized years ago, it now demanded that an authorization code be re-entered.

Adobe uses the codes to prevent software theft which is understandable. And typically accessing a new code from Adobe's customer service after a system crash or other mishap is a simple process - at least until now.

Even though I was able to provide a copy of the sales receipt and the software serial number, Adobe provided absolutely no help. In fact, the company's solution was to tell me that I needed "to buy an upgrade."

This was after spending over an hour on the telephone. That telephone call ended abruptly after John, the Adobe customer service representative hung up the phone after I requested to speak with a manager.

Now the latest version of DV Rack is
Adobe's On Location. But you can't purchase an "upgrade". In fact, you can't purchase a stand-alone copy of On Location at all. The cheapest path to getting a copy is to buy it bundled with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 for a whopping $799. Keep in mind that DV Rack cost $530 a little over 2 years ago. And now Adobe's "solution" to this problem is to spend an additional $799.

As I mentioned, I understand the reasoning behind Adobe software authorization. But in the end, if it prevents those who have legally paid for a license to use the software then no doubt Adobe's measures to prevent unlicensed use of its software have gone way overboard.

Any readers that may be aware of any class action suits to seek redress for Adobe's failure to live up to its obligations are encouraged to contact me.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I had the same incident happen to me with the same product. I am no longer buying any products from Adobe. Im switching to Final Cut Pro.

What I love most about Adobe is that they are QUICK to charge us 500.00 dollars with no hesitation but when you need them, they turn their back on you. Im done with them.


disappointed customer