Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Orson Welles Over Europe

Here's a treat from the BBC. The documentary, Orson Welles Over Europe, is hosted by Welles biographer, Simon Callow.

On a disappointing note, Warner Brothers recently announced the "Ultimate Collector's" blu-ray release of Citizen Kane to commemorate the film's 70th anniversary. More appropriately it should be called the "Ultimate Sucker's Edition".

Apparently the studio execs haven't yet discovered that DVD releases of classic films demand equally interesting and compelling extras. (For instance check out The Searchers - ironically also a Warner Brothers release.) The decision to include two silly films, RKO 281 and American Experience: The Battle Over Citizen Kane is profoundly stupid.

Who do they think their market is anyway? There are a variety of other much more enlightening works that could have been included. For instance, the BBC documentary The Complete Citizen Kane is far more interesting and actually factual - wow.

Maybe Warner Brothers can contract with Criterion for the 75th anniversary release.
(Although to cut Warner's some slack, The Magnificent Ambersons is also included and nice to know that this film is finally available on DVD - albeit the surviving RKO butchered version. Of course, that film deserves its own release.)

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