Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Premiere Pro CS6 Titling Tip

After wrestling with the Premiere Pro CS6 titler, I discovered a simple solution to my problem.

In the past, in order to add bitmap files from Photoshop as title elements, I imported them using the Insert Logo function.  (From the top menu bar Title>Logo>Insert Logo...)

The problem I noticed was that the graphics pixel aspect ratio was distorted and the image was fuzzy. 

The correct way to import a large graphic is by using the Title Properties panel on the right side of the titler:  

  • Check the Background checkbox
  • Check Texture checkbox
  • Double-click in the Texture thumbnail.
  • "Choose A Texture Image" file browser appears.  Select your image and click Open.  Your graphic is inserted.  

Following these steps I found that the image was inserted cleanly and with the correct pixel aspect ratio.

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