Monday, May 6, 2013

Adobe Creative Suite No More

Today Adobe announced the end of its Creative Suite offerings, moving to its all-subscription model, Creative Cloud effective this June. Here's an article from Studio Daily with a few more details.

In principle I don't object to the change.  It's been quite a while since I've purchased a boxed set of software from Adobe.  That said, I hope they work on their pricing plans.  While it's nice that the Complete Plan includes every Adobe application, I don't need Dreamweaver, In Design, Flash or...   I realize there's a plan for individual apps but under the current pricing structure it isn't cost effective.  

Also the new subscription pricing model favors users who adhere to Adobe's upgrade path.  Those of us who tried to save money by skipping upgrades (moving from CS3 to CS5.5 for example) are apparently out of luck.  My guess is that you'll be able to choose when you upgrade your software to some degree, but you'll pay the subscription regardless.

My other hope is that they vastly expand included cloud storage for Adobe customers.  In this arena, Adobe is already fighting an uphill battle against the likes of Google Drive and Dropbox.  But as one who regularly works with and shares large video and image files I'd encourage Adobe to expand the 20 GB of storage included with the subscription to a useful number - maybe at least 100 - 200 GB?    

I'll be bookmarking updates and information on Adobe Creative Cloud in my Diigo feed.   You can click on the link or check it out in the right column of this screen.


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