Monday, March 30, 2015

DaCast Streaming Using the Newtek Tricaster

Streaming with the Newtek Tricaster is simple once a profile has been created for your CDN.  DaCast is a reliable, no-frills service that is priced very competitively.  Cheaper than either Ustream or Livestream.

However DaCast's documentation for configuring the Tricaster is somewhat dated. Here's a pic of the current Tricaster configuration interface along with some notes to help.

Tricaster configuration panel for streaming

Newtek and DaCast don't name fields the same. Here's how they translate:

Tricaster Address = DaCast Stream URL 

Tricaster Stream ID = DaCast Stream Name 

However the Stream ID must be modified! --This part is very important: 

Please note, for All Device (HTML5) channels, you will need to change the stream name in the following way: 

dclive_1_1@[unique#] to dclive_1_%i@[unique#] 

The [unique#] area will be different for every live stream, and the end should come to the 1 before the @ symbol by replacing it with %i 

Tricaster User Name = DaCast Login  

Tricaster Password = DaCast Password 

Click OK at the right bottom of the pane. Should now be ready to stream.  

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