Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Thanks for visiting Have a Great Day!"

The fact that Adobe's customer support is lacking is not a well-kept secret.  

Of late I've experienced a buggy problem with Premiere Pro CS4 that I'd like to resolve.  Since the application is not the latest version, I'm willing to purchase support in order to resolve the issue.  Engaging in Adobe's "Live Chat" customer service twice and its online support in that last couple of days has been disappointing to say the least.

Here's the text of my most recent exchange:


Please hold as we route your chat to an Adobe Representative.

Welcome to! My name is Steven. May I assist you with your selection today?

Steven: Hi, How are you doing today?

Greg: How do I purchase support for Premiere Pro CS4?

Steven: Greg, Since Premiere Pro CS4 is an old version now and the support cannot be purchased at this time. You can purchase support only for the latest version.

Steven: You can upgrade it to the latest version Premiere Pro CS5.5 and purchase the support along with it.

Greg: That's appalling

Steven: Greg, you can contact  our Tech Support team at 1-800-833-6687 and check if they have a paid service or support for Premiere Pro CS4.

Greg: I don't understand. You just wrote that paid support is not available for Premiere Pro CS4. Is it available or not?

Steven: It is not available to purchase online. You can check with our Phone Support Team if it is available with them.

Greg: But you don't know if it's available or not - correct?

Steven: I don't have any information if it is available with the phone support team or not. I do know it is not available to purchase for old version software online.

Steven: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Steven: I’ll remain available for another minute if you need further help.

Greg: I think it would be both obvious and helpful for Adobe's customers if the company's support representatives were fully informed about Adobe's support options. This is the second "live chat" that I've participated in to gain support for my product. So far, no actual help.

Steven: Greg, Live chat and Phone Support are different department.

Steven: We deals with only products that are available online.

Greg: Who all work for the same company, no? Don't you think you guys should talk with one another once in awhile. 

Steven: No, we didn't talk to each other as we are from different department and different office.

Steven: Please call them for more information about your querry, we don't have it online.

Steven: Thanks for visiting Have a Great Day!

Thank you for chatting with us today.

You are not currently in a chat.


To end the chat, Steven hung up on me although encouraged me to "Have A Great Day!" 

I plan to do exactly that but no thanks to Adobe.  

So after two live chats and opening a support case online (which Adobe withdrew without notifying me) it's still not clear whether Adobe can even provide support for this issue.  

Oh well.


Todd Kopriva said...


If you bring questions and issues to the Premiere Pro forum, we can help you there:

Even if you've got your technical issue sorted out, if you come to the forum, we can help you to get an answer about purchasing support for Premiere Pro CS4.

Make Better Media said...

Hi Todd

Thanks for the offer. I took the plunge and set aside a couple of hours to work with Adobe phone support. The up side is that they worked with me on the problem free of charge. The down side was that they weren't able to help with the problem and the support person provided information that contradicted Adobe's online documentation (and that turned out to be incorrect).

In any case, I was able to solve the problem on my own.

I do hope that Adobe commits to offer support that is equal to the great software it publishes.

Thanks again.

Todd Kopriva said...

I'm glad that you were able to get things sorted out, but your experience is not the kind that we want people to have.

If you don't mind, please send me the details of your issue and interactions with our support staff (including case number) at kopriva at adobe dot com.

It may be a few days before I can look into this, since this is a holiday weekend, but I will do so.

Lacy Brown said...

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