Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keyboard Shortcut Customization

When working in Premiere Pro or just about any other Adobe application, it's very clear that being able to move nimbly between panels is a necessity. Although using the mouse does work, it can be pretty cumbersome. Here are the default Adobe keyboard shortcuts for the application panels:

Shift + 1 Project Panel

Shift + 2 Source Panel

Shift + 3 Timeline Panel

Shift + 4 Program Monitor Panel

Here's a link for all of them.

However I jump to and from these panels frequently so I substituted single-stroke keyboard
shortcuts to make things even simpler.

Remember that if you screw up, you can always restore the defaults.

Here's the link to Adobe Knowledge Base article on customizing keyboard shortcuts. Note that if you attempt to assign a key that already in use for another shortcut, the program will alert you to the conflict. From there, you may choose whether or not to reassign that key.

Here are the substitutes that I use:

F8 - Effects Panel

F9 - Source Monitor Panel

F10 - Program Monitor Panel

F11 - Project Panel

F12 - Timeline Panel

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